Laser TV: The Next Wave in Television? 

Ditch the plasmas & LCDs, Laser TV is just around the corner.



Dallas Business Journal ran an article last year about Mag-Wind a Plano, Texas, USA company that builds a turbine for individual homes. Efficiency is increased by taking advantage of "Roof Effect". There are some doubters though.

I doubt though, that Mag-Wind is responsible for Texas overtaking California as the top wind state; there are some industrial-sized sites particularly the largest in the world, around Abilene.

Meanwhile, the defense department is putting a spanner in the wind-farm works.


The Birth of the IPod 

From Wired News The Straight Dope on the IPod's Birth.


JBoss App Server 5, JIRA & Confluence 

Took a look to see how the JBoss App Server 5 is coming along and wondered why my company doesn't use Atlassian's excellent JIRA for project issue tracking. Atlassian also produces the reasonably well known Conflunce wiki.

App Server Powers Race To Embed Java EE 5 Support 

Dr. Dobb's October 16 article: App Server Powers Race To Embed Java EE 5 Support indicates that IBM is behind.


British Wind 

Saw this article on CNET News.com: Home wind turbines turn fashionable in Britain and it made me proud to be English - this is a very positive move. Then noticed that CNET News has lots of "Green Tech". That took me to a video of The Tesla Car that I've been excited about for a few months now. And yes, it will sell. Meanwhile, here's a discussion on the merits of plugging in that hybrid. And finally, Google's going solar.

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